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The Surfrider Foundation protects and enjoys the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.

You can think about that as three concepts:

1. “Protection and enjoyment.” We don’t want to put a velvet rope around a beach and tell people to keep off.  We’re surfers, we’re beach lovers, we’re swimmers, kayakers, divers, wildlife

watchers and ocean sunset catchers… we’re people who enjoy the coasts.  We’re a non-consumptive, non-motorized, low impact ocean recreation user group.

2. Next up is “ocean, waves and beaches.” Think coastlines: Surfrider Foundation is engaged with environmental issues that affect coastlines. We protect and enjoy waves. We protect and enjoy water. We protect and enjoy beaches.

3. Finally, “powerful activist network” speaks to how we go about this mission. We are a direct action, grassroots organization. We’re local in many coastal regions.  We have a small U.S. staff of just under 60 people, and a motivated, knowledgeable and powerful volunteer chapter network with over 250,000 supporters, worldwide. We’re gals, we’re dudes, we’re kids and teens and tweens… we’re you. We’re engaged to protect what we love: oceans, waves and beaches.

Company Overview

in 1984, three people in Malibu, California, found out that their favorite wave was about to be destroyed. Think about that for a second. Think about something you love… something that gives you enjoyment. Taken away.

First Point, the quintessential perfect California wave, was about to be destroyed.

Three people organized and worked with the local municipalities until they were satisfied that their efforts to preserve that iconic wave would be successful.

This was the genesis of Surfrider Foundation.

Today, the Surfrider Foundation is doing this same thing around the world.  We’re comprised of surfers, beach users, kayakers, swimmers, kiteboarders, divers…and any form of non-consumptive, low impact coastal and ocean recreation user you can think of.  Our common point of connection is a love of the ocean, waves and beaches and a desire to act to protect what we love.

Northeast Region

The Northeast Region of Surfrider Foundation includes volunteer chapters in the coastal New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


Contact Surfrider Foundation’s Northeast Regional Manager:

Melissa Gates P.O. Box 1662, Rockland, Maine 04841


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