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Coast & Ocean Legislation

These 2023 bills are critical in protecting our water and our beaches — Surfrider Northeast strongly supports their passage and ratification.

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Plastic Pollution

H. 3690 An Act to Expand the Bottle Bill H. 3676 An Act to Update the Bottle Bill

Bills H.3690 and H.3676 would significantly reduce plastic pollution in critical areas by expanding the bottle bill to include any drinkable liquid intended for human oral consumption and update further provisions of the bottle bill.

H.3690/ H.3676 resources:

Bill S.477 & Bill H.784 An Act relative to plastic bag reduction

An Act Relative to Plastic Bag Reduction H.784/S.477 would significantly curtail film plastic checkout bags and establish a minimum charge for all new bags to actively incentivize bag reuse. It includes up-to-date definitions to minimize loopholes from older generation laws and contains mechanisms to increase the availability of reusable alternatives for those in need.